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What Page One is About

Page One is a local Western Newfoundland writers' group that has encouraged writers and other creators since 1987. Writers, artists, and musicians from all walks of life, of all ages, and at various stages of their careers participate in our meetings, readings, publications, and other activities. 

At festivals and during our annual Summer Voices events, we hold special events for people of all ages. These include Pictures & Words: Artists and Authors present their work; Open Mic to share the talents of writers and musicians; Sounds of Youth and Waves and Words and Drama Workshops for young people. 

We provide venues where local voices and culture can be shared.


This mixture, a sort of Cabbitt stew (See our logo - a cross between cat and rabbit, the tame and the wild, the ordinary and exotic) combines to produce a variety of experiences for the old and the young. Page One may offer you something to love and/or something to hate! It will always be unique.





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